Making an appointment


Consultation only by appointment

 Consultations are possible after making an appointment. You can phone us on working days between 08.00-11.00.

When you make an appointment, the assistant will ask you the reason for which you wish a consultation. She is a trained medical person, and does so to assess the urgency of the possible symptoms. Just like the general practitioner she is obliged by law to treat all information with the utmost confidentiality.

You can also make an appointment online: Making an appointment online

More time

Do you have multiple issues or questions? Please tell so when you make the appointment, so that we can take this into account with the planning

House visits

If you are unable to come to the practice, the general practitioner can also visit you at home. The assistant, possible in combination with the GP, will determine whether a house call will be made. It is not to be used by those who just don't have the time or transportation to come to the normal consultation at the practice.

If you need a house visit, please phone before 10.00


You can phone in the afternoon between 13.30 and 16.30 for laboratory or radiology test results.


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